Mid Milestone Update

It has been a busy week for Iota Enterprises. The TreeRover now carries it’s own air supply and has an improved reloading mechanism! Check out the newest video clip:

In other news, our project was recently featured on the B-Side as well as on the Zone morning show in an interview with Dan Gunn from VIATEC. Listen to it here:

Crowdfunded tree planting campaign scheduled for the end of Summer 2015! Please follow our progress using the widget at the bottom of this page and share our website with your friends. More updates and videos coming soon! Also, check out our Project, Team, Get Involved, and Gallery pages for more information about the project.


2 thoughts on “Mid Milestone Update

  1. The Rover gaining traction, both literally and figuratively. My compliments to your music guy for great retro pick. Also, camera work much improved. Viewers can really see the variou parts move. Finally, it appears T.R. has rhythm


  2. What to say!!!!??? FANTASTIC! Delivery system really working! Getting better and better! Hey if this doesn’t work out you got something going in producing videos! So great! All,of it!
    Brings a lot of grinning folks to the table!
    FYI : I tried several times to donate using CC and kept telling the card could not be used ” at this site” . I tried several cards . All said same thing. Not that cards weren’t good but it seemed like it just didn’t want to take c cards. Maybe forcing to use PayPal? Anyway. Will continue to try.


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