Milestone 3

On Wednesday July 15th we took TreeRover to the Cowichan Lake Research Station to do some field testing. This was the first time the tree planting robot has planted a seedling in realistic conditions (not our backyard).

The testing was a great success in that it revealed important issues that we can now work to improve. The TreeRover’s drive motors and front wheels need to be replaced to improve mobility. We have also identified improvements that we can make to the reloading and planting mechanisms to ensure the seedlings are planted properly and deep enough in the ground.

Iota Enterprises would like to thank the people who have helped us get to this point.

Thank you to:

Patrick Chow – Yi Action Camera and compressed air tank
Kyle White – 3D printed rack and pinion
Adam Rhodes – Batteries, motors, and wheels
Leigh Nowicki – Generous cash donation
Shane Lanouette – Generous cash donation
Alyssa Savage – Generous cash donation

There are many others who have helped us along the way, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Milestone 3

  1. Video quality continues to improve, Dynamic intro and closing shots. Close up of tree loader is excellent. Good music choice. And the setting reinforces possible cut block application. My friend Mike suggested another tree planting use would Christmas tree farms where ground is flatter


  2. Thanks Peter! Glad that you like the video! Thanks for the suggestion from your friend Mike. We have also been looking into other, agriculturally focused, applications for the TreeRover.


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